The Piémont Pyrenees path, running off the trail that runs from Arles to Santiago de Compostela, goes through Mirepoix, Pamiers, Le Mas d'Azil, Saint-Lizier, Castillon-en-Couserans and continues toward Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges in the Haute-Garonne.

Around 140 km long, it's a track running through the Ariège that can be walked in easy stages of more or less 20 km a day. Many family-, local- and parish-run accommodation options have opened their doors along this Ariégeoise part of the pilgrimage.

La Lampisterie opened its own doors to pilgrims in summer 2007. Since then, it has seen an increasing stream of visitors. In the spirit of the pilgrimage, pilgrims are of course welcomed in accordance with the principle of 'donativo': those who can donate more, donates for those who can't give much!

Bernard Didier, retired officer and regular walker, shares his experience of the Piémont Pyrénées path:

My wife and I have been exploring the various St-James' Ways since 2001. We've walked the Piémont Pyrénées path from August 20th to September 14th, 2010. This path is among the nicest we've had the pleasure to walk. We've been filled with the beauty of the landscapes, the diversity of the tracks, either hillside with the Pyrenees mountains on our left, or through lovely beeches and oaks. For art and architecture lovers, this path is studded with masterpieces, especially of Romanesque style. Pastures bording the path will introduce walkers to magnificent herds. And Lady Nature isn't sparing and offers various fruits (plums, walnuts, blackberries, almonds, figs, peaches, apples, peers…). This path of adventure wasn't much walked yet in 2010 and it'll always be easier to find solitude there than on the Puy-en-Velay's path! Accommodations for pilgrims were quite well distributed along the way. We've always been welcomed, the hosts well deserving the name!
Despite being a test to physical resistance, we had an incident-free journey, in serenity. No doubt everyone will keep an excellent memory of this experience, that offers peace and fullness!

Thank you from the heart for this beautiful and cosy, friendly welcome, in the St-James' spirit of the Way… Tonight's unexpected stop brought me rest and comfort to the soul, the mind and the body… Be deeply thanked for that. Charles "the Breton" (July 11., 2007)

Thank you, thank you for this peaceful haven! It is a pleasure to arrive to this little spot of paradise after a long walk, delight for the eyes, the palate (oh the 'pidgeon's heart' tomatoes!), to find the simple prayer of St-Francis of Assise when entering this 'one-night home'. Thank you for sharing happiness with the pilgrims passing through!Clotilde from Alsace (July 22., 2007)

After a little less than 7-months long trip from Belgium to Santiago and now back towards Rome, it's always heart-warming to be welcomed in such manner in what I could qualify as a luxuous pilgrim accommodation! There's here all the comfort and quietness required to a good rest. I am sincerely grateful for this welcome, it will remain among those I'll remember a long, very long time. Matthieu and his female donkey Alice, Belgian pilgrim en route to Rome, Jerusalem… (November 8., 2007)

Le Carlaret's station must have seen many people pass by along time, peasants, soldiers, families, etc. Today it welcomes pilgrims. Thank you! Pierre Laliberté, from Quebec (June 24., 2009)

La Lampisterie! Your lights will go with us all along the way. Thank you for your warm welcome and see you undoubtfully soon. Daniel & Gisèle (March 28., 2010)

A nice St-Francis' prayer at this lovely, comfy little house's door. A lamp-house! Three little 'lights' from this great family welcomed me; the 'spirit of the Way' is well felt here and I won't forget you! Thank you with all my heart. Bernadette from Voiron (September 1., 2012)

So happy to have my 'own' little pilgrim's house! Thank you for thinking of us! Pierre (October 15., 2012)